I’ve edited over 200 books. Here are a few of them. 

Rabbit and Bear: The Pest in the Nest by Julian Gough, illustrated by Jim Field
A Mystery at Lili Villa by Arathi Menon
Knight in Training a Very Bothersome Bear by Vivian French, illustrated by David Melling
by Zeina Abdalla, illustrated by Iz Ptica
Ritu Weds Chandni by Ameya Narvankar
My Funny Family Gets Funnier by Chris Higgins, illustrated by Lee Wildish
Time to Eat by Lindsey Schaffer M.D., illustrated by Kathrine Gutkovskiy
Sarah the Spectacular Squirrel by Rory Ffoulkes and Irene Silvino
Splash of Sass: Sassafras Gets a Puppy by Janet R. Adams
The Mountain and the Goat by Siamak Taghaddos
The Toot Fairy by Janet R. Adams
Wombat & Jones: The Great Apple Fiasco by Arran Francis, narrated by Alison Campbell
Wombat & Jones: The Great Banana Mystery by Arran Francis, narrated by Alison Campbell
Daisy May's Daydream Parade: Treasure Island Adventure by Arran Francis, narrated by Annette Chown
The Annual Royal Bake-Off by Jordan and Monica Mitidieri, illustrated by Anne Zimanski
Just Because... A Story Book About Self-Acceptance by C.M. Harris, illustrated by Ashlynn Feather
King Flashypants and the Evil Emperor by Andy Riley
Hacking the Code by Gea Meijering
Chasing the Volcano by The Storymakers
House of Glass Hearts by Leila Siddiqui

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