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I'm a children's publishing professional with nearly a decade in the industry. I've worked across several companies, large and small, and departments including editorial, rights and production. 

Prior to going freelance, I oversaw the book selection and purchasing for UK charity BookTrust. I purchased 3.5 million books annually for BookTrust's gifting programmes, which give books to children around the UK to inspire a love of reading. Because many of these books went to all children of a certain age, regardless of their backgrounds, I look at books in a much different way, particularly around accessibility and inclusivity. These purchases often involved editorial input and changes to the book format to ensure the books were inclusive to all children, while also meeting a very restrictive budget.

I also have a particular interest in bringing more books in translation to the English-speaking market. I helped develop and run the "In Other Words", which has been successful in getting UK children's publishers to acquire more books in translation.

I'm originally from Akron, Ohio in the US, but moved to London to earn an MA in Publishing and have since worked in UK children's publishing. I currently live in Munich, Germany.