Editing fun and inclusive children's books

We all want our books to change the world

But change isn't easy, and doesn’t always happen as quickly as we’d like it to.


For authors, getting published can feel impossible and they aren’t sure where to begin or whether their book will even be considered by agents. They’re disillusioned by traditional publishing and decide to self-publish, but are often overwhelmed or disappointed by the process.


And the industry itself is still facing the challenge to diversify and to bring new voices onto publishing lists, as well as an evolving editorial process to address unconscious bias.


I work with authors and publishers to address some of these challenges – getting into the industry, making books authentically inclusive, avoiding unconscious bias in books, and ensuring readers hear from a diverse range of voices.


This can feel like a daunting process, though. The publishing industry has so many gatekeepers that most authors aren’t sure where to begin, losing confidence before they’ve even attempted to send their manuscript out. And publishing diverse books can sometimes feel like box-ticking, where the industry is only focused on one facet of diversity or that “inclusive books” turn into “issues books”. And even with the best intentions, publishers can worry that they’re going to get something wrong.


But you believe everyone deserves to see themselves in a story, and you want your books to be read by as many children as possible, which is hopefully why you're here. 


My editorial and consultancy services are for authors and publishers who want to make the industry and children’s books more inclusive.


With years of experience in the publishing industry and as a buyer for a national reading charity, I know what makes a fun and inclusive children’s book that kids actually want to read. I aim to make the publishing process transparent for authors, and I provide advice that enables them to take the first steps on their publishing journey. My editorial services for publishers have an added focus on inclusivity so they can make authentic change to the industry, rather than worry they’ll get something wrong.


Let me help you take those first steps to making children’s books more inclusive, and creating books that can change the world. 



I provide a range of services to help authors and publishers create authentically inclusive books. I work across children's books for ages 0-12 and specialise in illustrated books. I work with:

  • Authors who want advice about getting published or need support getting their submissions ready

  • Publishing houses and agents who need an experienced editor with a focus on inclusivity

  • International publishing houses and rights agents who need support on English language translations

  • Charities and other organisations interested in finding a publishing partner to create a children’s book

Find out more about what I can do for you below.

Publishers & Agents
Charities & Organisations


"Lisa was professional, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to provide insightful commentary on the manuscript. It was a pleasure collaborating with her on this project. We hope to work with her again!"
- Ambika Sam, Publisher at Yali Books