You have a great idea. 
 Let's turn that into a great book.

Get your book ready to publish!

It’s difficult to get an agent or a publisher for your book, and it can be just as hard to know where to begin with self-publishing. But it doesn’t have to be.


Let me help you get started on your journey to getting published.



I can help you edit, develop, and publish great books that will get kids reading. We’ll work together to make your story the best it can be so you can self-publish or approach agents and publishers with confidence.  


My services are broken down into different steps depending on what stage you're at with your book.


I can tailor them specifically to your needs. 

Picture Book Editing

Picture Book Editing

Get your picture book ready for submitting or self-publishing.

Query Letter Reviews

Query Letter Reviews

Make your submission to agents stand out. 



Fiction Editing

Feedback and guidance on improving your children's book in its early stages.

English Adaptations

Translation Adaptations

Widen your readership and sales with an English language translation.


This is Tết!

Edit Type: English Adaptation

"Lisa not only helped me turn my poem into a flawless English poem, but also provided another version in prose with an advice that publishers might find poems hard to localize in other languages other than English. I am super happy with both versions."

- Bùi Phuong Tâm


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