Editing Services for Writers

Whether you've been published before or this is your very first book, I'm here to help. I offer a range of editorial services for picture books, young fiction and middle grade novels depending on where you are in the publishing process. 

Editorial Assessment / Manuscript Critique

Initial feedback on a new text

When you've drafted your manuscript and are ready to get feedback on your work, an editorial assessment is the best first step. It assesses your book's structure, writing style, market fit to not only inform you of what works well, but where you can make improvements. This type of assessment can result in recommendations for significant changes to your text, so there isn't an edit of the text itself at this stage. 

Developmental Edit​

Prepare a text to submit to agents and publishers

A developmental edit can encompass a lot of aspects of the editorial assessment since it still focusses on the big picture. However, it will get more hands-on with the text and review additional drafts you produce. This type of editing is a real opportunity to work with an editor to shape your text, taking in those considerations from the initial assessment, and then also addressing anything else that pops up in subsequent drafts. 

Copy Editing

Get your text in shape

This step of editing checks your text to make sure it's the best it can possibly be. It checks consistency, spelling, grammar, flow, repetition and other mistakes so that your text reads well and is error-free. If you're self-publishing your book, then I recommend having at least a manuscript critique or developmental edit first, so that you'll get feedback on the overall content and structure of the story. If you're planning to go through a traditional publisher, then your publisher will arrange copy editing for you. 


The final check

Proofreading is always the last step before any book goes to print. Think of it as your quality control. For anything illustrated, it's really important that the design is completely final. The proofread will check for any errors that need to be fixed before the book gets published, and this includes errors in the book layout itself. You should always get someone who hasn't seen the book before to proofread it - fresh eyes catch more errors! If you're self-publishing, you shouldn't skip this step. If you're planning to go through a traditional publisher, then your publisher will arrange proofreading for you. 

Query Letter Review

Getting your pitch right

If you're planning to send your book to agents and publishers, you're going to need to write a query letter. It's essentially a sales pitch for your book. but the goal is to get the reader so interested in your book that they can't wait to open the manuscript.

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