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Query Letter Reviews

When your manuscript is finished and you're ready to send it to agents, it’s time to get your query letter ready.


After spending so much time getting your book just right, you don’t want your query letter to let you down. Pitching books is one of my favourite things to do, and I can help you make your letter “pitch perfect”. ​

Query letter reviews and submission packages are available for picture books, young fiction, middle grade, and teen/YA books. 

How does it work? 


First, it’s important to understand how an agent receives your manuscript.


They read your query letter first, and that will determine if they’re interested in your book before they’ve even read it. A good query letter will make an agent want to open up your manuscript. 

I start a query letter review by looking only at your letter and assessing the pitch. Is there a strong hook? Does it give me a sense of the plot and setting? Is it clear where the book sits in the market (age group, genre, etc.)? And why are you the right person to write this book? 

If your letter makes me want to read your book and shows me you have some market knowledge, then we’ll know you’re on the right track.

But I will still check that your letter is accurately representing your story. If your book is under 2,000 words, I will read the manuscript alongside the review. For longer books, I prefer to work from a synopsis.

When submitting a picture book to agents, you'll only need a query letter, but for a middle grade or young adult novel, you may need to provide a synopsis as well. 

I offer different submission package edits depending on what you need. If you're not sure what you need to get ready to submit, I recommend finding a few agents you want to send your book to and look at their submissions criteria. And if you're still not sure, please get in touch. 

Query Letter Review Packages


If you'd like to include a query letter review with an editing service, please contact me for a revised price. 


Package 1: Query Letter

(approx. $75 USD / £55 GBP)


Just want help with your query letter?

No problem. First, check out my tips on writing the perfect pitch. After that, I'll review your letter and provide feedback as well as some edits to make it a strong pitch. This option is ideal for picture books and young fiction under 5,000 words where you don’t require a synopsis. 

Package 2: Query Letter + Synopsis


(approx. $180 USD / £130 GBP)

Synopses are tricky.

They need to be short yet still include all the major plot points of your story so an agent can get a real sense of how the book develops after reading the first few chapters. Along with a query letter review, I'll help ensure your synopsis is clear, concise, and well-written.

This package is ideal for books over 5,000 words where you don’t need any editing on your text. 

Package 3: Query Letter + Synopsis + First 3 Chapters


(approx. $360 USD / £260 GBP)

In this package, as well as a full review of your query letter and synopsis, I'll help clean up your first three chapters so that they're in the best shape possible. 


This package is ideal for middle grade and young adult novels.

Please note the 3 chapters are a maximum of 6,000 words. 

*Please note that all prices are quoted in Euros and will be charged in your local currency at the current exchange rate. USD and GBP are estimates based on the exchange rate on 18.02.21 and provided for guidance only. 

**Authors within the EU without a registered VAT number will be charged VAT at 19%. This cost can be tax deductible.