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When your manuscript is finished and you're ready to send it to agents, it’s time to get your query letter ready.


After spending so much time getting your book just right, you don’t want your query letter to let you down. Pitching books is one of my favourite things to do, and I can help you make your letter pitch perfect.

Query letter reviews and submission packages are available for picture books, young fiction, middle grade and teen/YA books. 

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I offer three levels of query letter reviews depending on what you need.


For picture books, you'll only need the query letter, but for a middle grade novel, you will want to have a synopsis and your first three chapters reviewed as well.


If you're not sure what you need to get ready to submit, I recommend finding a few agents you want to send your book to and look at their submissions criteria. And if you're still not sure, please get in touch.

Package 1 - €60
Query Letter Review

Ideal for Picture Books and Young Fiction

Just want help with your query letter? No problem. I'll review your letter and provide feedback as well as some edits to make it a strong pitch. 

Package 2 - €150
Query Letter and Synopsis Review

Ideal for Middle Grade and YA

Synopses are tricky: they need to be short yet still include all the major plot points of your story so an agent can get a real sense of how the book develops after reading the first few chapters. Along with a query letter review, I'll help ensure your synopsis is clear, concise, and well-written.

Package 3 - €300
Query Letter, Synopsis, and First Three Chapters

Ideal for Middle Grade and YA


In this package, as well as a full review of your query letter and synopsis, I'll help clean up your first three chapters so that they're in the best shape possible. 

Ready to make your submission stand out to agents?


How does it work?


After you've sent me your letter, synopsis and/or first three chapters, I'll go through it and highlight any areas that could be stronger. This includes addressing your main sales pitch for the book, anything that might be missing from the letter, or sections that could be written better. 


Once I've sent you my feedback, I'm happy to review a second draft of the letter and/or synopsis to give you additional feedback and make your letter really stand out.


Will you read my whole book for a query letter review?


For anything longer than 2,000 words, I am not going to read your whole book for a query letter review (unless we’ve already done an edit together). Why? Because the agent reading your pitch won't have read your book yet either.


The purpose of your letter is to entice someone to read your manuscript, and that's what I focus on doing. I want your letter to make me really want to read your book. And once it does, then we'll know it’s doing its job.


For longer books, I prefer to work from a synopsis.


Which package do I need for my book?


For picture books, you only need a query letter. For young fiction it varies depending on the length, but most likely you will only need a query letter. For middle grade and YA  books you should prepare a query letter and synopsis for the submission. You can also choose to get the first three chapters of your book edited to make sure it reads as well as possible.