Picture Book Editing

Despite being the shortest books, picture books can be the hardest to write. They require a meaningful story told with a very short text (which can rhyme or not) that works well with illustrations.


But don’t worry – with the right skills and support, you can write a book that becomes a bedtime favourite. 

Because there’s nothing quite like knowing your book is the one a child snuggles up with every night before going to sleep.

I offer a range of services depending on where you currently are in the process: 

Manuscript Critique

Initial Feedback and Guidance

Developmental Edit

Get Ready for Submission or Self-Publishing

Line and Copyediting

Make Your Text the Best it Can Be


The Final Step

*Please note that all prices are quoted in Euros and will be charged in your local currency at the current exchange rate. USD and GBP are estimates based on the exchange rate on 18.02.21 and provided for guidance only. 

**Authors within the EU without a registered VAT number will be charged VAT at 19%. This cost can be tax deductible.