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Widen your readership and sales opportunities with an English language translation. 


An English translation can be used by publishers and literary agencies around the world to help sell translation rights. This is particularly important for languages that aren’t widely spoken. 

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I help publishers and literary agencies produce an English text that can be used to sell books into other languages.


I will bring your translation to native speaking standard, and can even adapt picture books into a rhyming text.

Please note that I do not provide a translation service. I use a translation you already have and help improve it.


I work with languages where there aren’t many translators for children’s books available, or where authors have translated the book themselves but need a native English speaker to check their work. This process can take several drafts to get the text just right. 

Prices vary by book length and type of work needed. Please contact me for a quote. 

Tough Times for T-Rex
by Veronika Frolova (Veldze)

T-Rex cover Latvian.jpg
T-Rex English.png

Originally published in Latvian. The author's English translation was adapted into a rhyming and prose text. German rights sold.

For rights, please contact Žanete Vēvere Paskvalīni at Latvian Literature.

"I was referred to Lisa by Latvian Literature. I needed an English translation in order to promote my book to foreign publishers. Lisa took on the task of making my very broken Latvian - English translation work.


We agreed on making two editions: one in prose and one in rhyme, and Lisa did an outstanding job on both! Her translations retained the original feeling of the text, which was important for me.


Lisa is very attentive to details - she provided some valuable insights regarding possible copyright issues with the use of logo in illustrations, along with ideas on how the said issues may be avoided.


Thanks to Lisa's translation, the book is now published in German. As an author I cannot recommend Lisa enough - she is a very talented, thoughtful and dedicated specialist. It seems to me that she pours her heart into every word - which is a secret ingredient to every successful creative endeavour.


So one huge T-Rex sized thanks to Lisa Davis!"

- Veronika Frolova (Veldze)


This is Tết! by Bùi Phuong Tâm 

This is Tet Vietnamese.jpg
This is Tet.jpg

Adapted into a rhyming and prose text. The rhyming text was published in English for the Vietnamese market in January 2021, selling 4,000 copies in its first month. 

For rights, please contact Kim Đồng Publishers

"It was such a precious experience having Lisa to work with me on my first picture book. It was a poem about Lunar New Year, originally written in 3-word phrases in Vietnamese, and therefore it was a big challenge to adapt into English, with an expectation that English texts will be as rhythmic and as crispy as the original text.


Lisa not only helped me turn my poem into a flawless English poem, but also provided another version in prose with an advice that publishers might find poems hard to localize in other languages other than English. I am super happy with both versions.


I strongly recommend first-time picture book writers to work with Lisa, especially on topics that require additional research on local culture and tradition. Lisa will go extra miles in making sure that the authenticity of the East remains when adapted into the language of the West."

- Bùi Phuong Tâm

Hello, Whale! and A Voice for Whale
by Lauris Gundars

Hello Whale Latvian.jpg
A Voice for Whale.png

Copyedited the author’s English translation, which was used for translation into Korean.

The books are also published in Russian and German. 

For rights please contact Juta Pīrāga at Latvian Literature