I'm here to help you develop, write and publish great books that will get kids reading. 

Children's reading for pleasure is a key indicator to their success in life. And by "reading for pleasure" I mean any book that kids actually want to read: from baby books and picture books to young fiction and middle grade novels. While I am here to help make your book's structure, grammar and content the best it can be, I also want make it one that will be a bedtime favourite, or one that makes kids laugh, or one that turns a reluctant reader into an avid reader. I want your book to be more than just a book: I want it to help make it the book that opens up a world of reading to children.  

I work across children's books for ages 0-12 and specialise in illustrated books, particularly for ages 0-5. I also have an interest in making books accessible, inclusive and diverse to reflect the world we live in. This includes helping make books suitable for vulnerable children as well as supporting international publishers with English samples to  help get rights for their books sold into other languages.

If you're a publisher, agent, author / illustrator or an organisation looking for editorial support, book development or project management in children's publishing, please get in touch. I have a wide range of skills across children's publishing, so if there's anything you want to get in touch about that isn't listed here, please do. Even if I'm not the right person for the job, I probably know someone who is.



For English-language publishers and agents I can provide:

  • manuscript assessments (particularly with a focus on inclusivity)

  • copy editing and proofreading

  • submissions reading

  • project management

  • developing novelty and baby books




For publishers and agents of any other language, I can provide assistance on English sample translations for rights sales including:

  • Copy editing and proofreading

  • English adaptations of rhyming picture book texts



Have a great story and want to get it ready for self-publishing or sending out to agents and publishers? I am available for:

  • manuscript critiques 

  • developmental editing 

  • copy editing 

  • proofreading

  • query letter reviews



Does your organisation have an idea for a children's book? You know what you want to achieve, but perhaps you aren't quite sure how to do it? I can help you with:

  • initial brief development

  • publishing consultation

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